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             since 1980

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    Salvation Army H.Q

     3- story/ 400 Tons / 106,000 sq.ft.

     Lutz. Florida
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    Sam Seltzer

    St .Petersburg, Florida


It's all about the team!

Konitz Construction is a mid sized structural steel fabrication and erection company, that has been operating throughout Florida since 1980 under one continuous ownership. Our longevity is a testament to our commitment to satisfaction of our clients. We understand our customers needs, and work as diligently as possible to meet their expectations and wishes on a day to day basis.

This many years in the business can only lend itself to the obvious, and that is lots of experience. We have fabricated thousands of projects of all shapes, sizes and values. And that amount of real work education tells us that every owner, client, design professional and project is different, and requires customized attention. We have also learned that we can not be everything to everyone all the time. Sometimes the match is not there, and that's OK too. So we strive to stay with the clients that understand the real meaning of "Team", and work with us to accomplish the project's goal, together with our eyes all focused on the project's completion on time and as cost effectively as possible for the owner.

Our job is to make your job easier. Just give us your complete design document package, and you're off and running towards the end zone. If you don't have a design, that's ok too, we'll help get you one and you'll be off and running soon. We will also keep our clients out of trouble in areas where we see potential pit falls. Trouble for one, is trouble for all, so we try our best to avoid foreseeable problems "before they happen"!



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